What to Expect
We like to think of our Sunday Services as exciting and dynamic. Our goal is to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ in the best way possible.

If you visit us, our music is very energetic and our style of dress is casual. We sing, we laugh, we take communion every Sunday, we pray for each other.

We drink coffee during the service and do not pass an offering plate. (We have a Offering
Box gifts and tithes from those who attend and understand their role in giving.)

You will not be called on or embarrassed or judged. You will be accepted just as God
accepts us. You are our guest and we want you to experience God and His church
without any preconceived fears.

Questions & Answers

Q. How big is your church?
A. We are small group of about one hundred who are very excited about growing!

Q. Will I be introduced or asked to stand?
A. No…we are kind to our visitors…relax, enjoy…come back.

Q. Do you sing the "old hymns" or the new stuff?
A. Some of the "old" hymns are wonderful and you will hear them from time to time…but mostly you will hear the "new" music which is very praise orientated compared to "music about God."